Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book: House of the Scorpion

This book is also on the 8th grade reading list and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about possible futures with our real life scientific advances. The story centers on a boy, Matt, who is a clone of a very powerful drug leader, El Patron. This will be a longer, and harder book to follow than Stargirl, the other 8th grade reading list book I reviewed, but encourage your child to make this effort. Don't let them pass up this book because of the 380 pages. They will be rewarded by a great story with lots of things to think about after each chapter. A great book to discuss with your parents: If everything was the same about me, but I found out I was a clone, would that make me different? Does how others treat you change the way you see yourself? Will all the scientific advances lead to a better life? These are just a few of the many interesting ideas written into the house of the Scorpion.

Grade: A

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