Thursday, July 2, 2009

Book: This Island Earth

The book/movie discussion group I'm in chose THIS ISLAND EARTH by Raymond F. Jones for this month. One person claimed claims that everything good in the book was in the movie, and vice versa, and he may be right. What is true is that the second half of the movie is very different from the book. In the movie, it turns out that the recruiting on Earth is to help the planet Metaluna fight an interplanetary war against another planet. In the book, the war is more widespread, and in fact Earth itself is going to be involved. This makes the title of the book--a reference to South Pacific islands that found themselves caught up in World War II knowing nothing about the war except that one side has landed on their island and told them to build an airstrip for them. Unfortunately, although the premise is better imagined in the book, it is not very well-developed. On the other hand, the movie may not hold together as well, but it is very interesting visually.

Grade: C

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