Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book: Last Look by Mariah Stewart

Last Look by Mariah Stewart is another thriller by this mystery writer. The setting is Georgia where a body of a recently murdered prostitute turns out to be Shannon Randall who was "murdered 24 years ago." The heat is on the FBI who was involved with the wrongful conviction of Eric Beale and subsequent execution of this innocent man. Now the FBI has Andrew Shields on the case along with another agent: Dorsey Collins who just happens to be the daughter of the FBI agent who was involved with the case 24 years ago. Dorsey has an agenda of her own to vindicate her dad and redeem his reputation. The questions asked include: What made Shannon run away and not contact her family who believed that she was murdered 24 years ago? Who was responsible for her murder now? Highly recommend this thriller which doesn't disappoint as a must summer read!

Grade: A

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