Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book: The Final Truth by Mariah Stewart

I recommend this mystery by Mariah Stewart with some reservations. It wasn't as suspenseful as her previous books, and I was able to determine who was responsible for the murders. The setting is in the beach area of the Outer Banks. The characters are familiar favorites. FBI agent: Mitch Peyton and crime journalist, Regan Landry. The plot consists of a convicted murderer set free due to DNA irregularities at a Lab and murders are committed with strong resemblance to the original heinous crime. In addition, Regan is still looking for answers pertaining to documents of E. Kroll. Although the book is titled " The Final Truth", I found the evidence pertaining to E. Kroll a distraction to the murders. It's not the worse mystery I have read, and it can be a summer read for those individuals who enjoy mysteries.

Grade: B

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