Saturday, August 22, 2009

Book: Tempting Evil by Allison Brennan

Recommend this mystery book as a summer read. The setting is a small rural community in Montana with a fierce winter blizzard approaching. Main characters: Joanna Sutton a mystery writer who has experienced heartbreak in the past with the murders of her husband and son by the hand of the boyfriend of her sister, Sheriff: Tyler McBride whose son's Boy Scout troop needs to be rescued in the blizzard. Added to this mix, is three escaped convicts. One of the convicts has an obsession with the mystery writer, Joanna and is heading towards the lodge. The sheriff warns Joanna to be award of strangers in the area, but the escaped convicts are already on the premises. The author , Allison Brennan describes the setting very vividly and you can almost hear the sounds of the storm with all the elements including the suspense. It was well done even though the ending was predictable.

Grade: B

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