Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book: Seducing and Angel by Mary Balogh

Highly recommend this Mary Balogh book about the last member of the Huxable family looking for love. The setting is : Regency England. The other Mary Balogh books involve the romances of the three sisters. This book involves the younger brother, Stephen Huxable, Lord Merton who unexpectedly finds love. Cassandra, Lady Paget a young widow who is in dire straits decides that she must seduce Stephen. However, Stephen has a mind of his own and decides that he wants Cass as a wife and not a mistress. Cassandra's reputation is checkered since she had to flee her home when faced with accusations of murdering her husband. But Stephen sees something in Cassandra beyond the facade. If you read the other books r egarding the Huxable family, this book definitely will keep your interest. The genre: is romance so if you enjoy romance novels, this book is for you.

Grade: A

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